One mustn‘t be fooled by the victory in Finland

Hi guys,

A lot has happened since the super slalom debut in Levi! After rest days, we had a couple of very good training days doing both giant slalom and slalom. Looking ahead to the entire season, I think this is the right decision and here’s why – one mustn‘t be fooled by a victory.

Henrik (Kristoffersen) was trailing by only nine hundredths of a second and the others also showed good performances. The result can be very different at the next slalom in Val d’Isere. Therefore, even in slalom, stay on the ball!

All in all, I already have more giant slalom training days under my belt than I had before the slalom in Levi. That’s encouraging, but doesn’t mean anything. The competition never sleeps and that’s also true for the GS. We will know next Sunday where I am at. One thing is certain: throughout the week at home, we’ve had excellent conditions on the Reiteralm and did all we could. Thus, today we can fly to Colorado with a clear conscience : )

Once we’re there, we will start training on American snow on Tuesday – again giant slalom and slalom. Regarding the question that has been discussed a lot in the media, whether I make a surprise start in the Super-G? I can only say, it’s not 100% decided yet. The fact is: if I want to race in the SG, I need at least one downhill training and that costs a full training day so I would miss my core disciplines. Right now, I am tending not to go SG, but who knows…

What’s much more relevant to me at the moment is the fact that this is my first overseas trip as a dad and without Laura. That doesn’t necessarily help my motivation for this long journey but, when I compete for the season, I have to do it properly. In for a penny, in for a pound. Nevertheless, I am already looking forward to the race in Beaver Creek and to training on American snow! Until then.

Yours, Marcel