Marcel Hirscher blog: ‘To never stop’ was motto of Kranjska Gora

Hey guys,

It is only this morning that I begin to realise what we have done this season and looking back on eight seasons in a row now. That makes me very happy and satisfied. It was going pretty well already. Of course, this is only possible because I have my team, and so it is time to say thank you once more: to my family, my team, my partners, the ÖSV and many people who helped me on my way.

I’ve seen all the crystal globe photos from over the years in the newspaper today. That really made me laugh. The Marcel of 2012 has changed and does not exist anymore. In all these years I have learned so much and have been through a very positive development. Above all, I want to thank you. To all my companions, mentors and sponsors, who have given me positive impulses and honest feedback to never stop learning. That is probably the most important thing in life.

‘To never stop’ was also the motto of the weekend in Kranjska Gora. After I was able to secure the eighth big crystal globe through my sixth place in the GS on Saturday, the task was to still keep the focus for the subsequent slalom – anything but easy! Right now, my energy levels have very much slumped, because my goal is reached. Accordingly, it was not easy to get my motivation up again for Sunday. And yet it worked: After my poor first run, I was very happy finishing third in the end.

As great as the uncertainty may have been before this season, as great is the satisfaction with the results and the course of the season now: we have started extremely well, as successful as in no other season before. Before Christmas, we had problems with the setup adjustment. There were special circumstances that we did not manage so well. After getting these problems under control in early January, things went very well again. All in all, a terrific season that hasn’t even finished yet!

And still, despite all the euphoria, I am aware of what is often difficult to understand for outsiders: the energy and strength I put in every season, and the many hardships that are necessary to achieve what we have achieved in this and also in the last seven seasons, are enormous. I can really feel all of that the end of each season.

Having just being crowned the GS, slalom and overall World Cup winner of this season, one question remains: With what goals will I go into the season’s finale in Soldeu? The answer: With great tiredness and another question on my mind: How can I manage to mobilise all my reserves once again and perform four times in Andorra? We shall see…

See you soon,

Yours, Marcel