Marcel Hirscher blog: Calculate less and go full throttle for glory

Hey guys,

What a race weekend! Victory at the GS and in the parallel competition in Alta Badia – hard to believe, but it actually happened. And all of that before Christmas ; )

Of course, everyone is now asking how results such as the 2.53-second lead in the Gran Risa GS are even possible. The answer is shockingly simple: calculate less, go full throttle!

This season, that’s exactly my motto. Last year I learned that it’s much easier when the pressure is off and nobody is expecting anything from you, so I’m trying to maintain it this season. So far, it’s working quite well. It did yesterday, too – during my quite surprising triumph in the parallel GS. The key to success was to make the most of each round, to never slacken off and to make as few mistakes as possible.

The bottom line is, that this has enabled me to gain my 62nd World Cup victory. A victory that – according to the media – marks another milestone for me: I am on a par with Annemarie Moser-Pröll and will have the chance on home soil this Thursday to become the Austrian with the most World Cup victories. What does that mean to me? It embodies everything that has been happening over the past 10 years and I am very grateful for that!

Many people have helped me and made a valuable contribution to these successes. I cannot say THANK YOU enough. But it’s clear – for my team and me – the seven titles in the overall World Cup are the most outstanding and most important feats we could have achieved. What’s to come is a bonus.

The really amazing triumph for my team and me on Sunday at the Alta Badia GS has promptly earned me nicknames like “King of the Dolomites” or “Gran Giant” because I have won for the sixth consecutive time on the Gran Risa now. They are all nice ideas of the journalists to make their stories more exciting but, at the same time, I know that they contain a lot of appreciation – for which I’m grateful.

But while the nicknames suggest superpowers, my results, like this Sunday, are the product of hard and meticulous work – on the slopes and not least on the material. Many things are just right at the moment. The set-up is awesome and the guys from Atomic are doing a sensational job. The mood in the team is extremely good and everything flows with a certain ease.

We are all very grateful for what we have achieved, and at the same time we know that we no longer have to prove anything. Everyone enjoys it and gives everything to be even stronger as a team. It’s like a skiing holiday with friends. Sounds funny, but that’s it.

The remaining question is what we take away from Alta Badia – in addition to 200 points; ) – and the six runs before the year is over.

Two things: 1. A great deal of tiredness. 2. The knowledge that a good recovery and staying fit are crucial! After all, tomorrow is already the next race, the giant slalom in Saalbach, followed by the slalom there as well, and finally the last slalom this year in Madonna di Campiglio. Until then.

Yours, Marcel