Marcel Hirscher Blog: Between privilege and burden remains joy

Hey guys,

I’m sitting at home today and all I can say is that last week was probably one of the hardest of my career. Comparable only with St. Moritz two years ago, where I was even more poorly! Therefore I would like to thank my whole team, who have done everything possible over the last days to get me fit again.

On Thursday we were still not sure if I could do the races or not – and then I managed to finish with this result: silver in GS and gold in slalom! I can only be grateful!

When I reached the finish line yesterday, neither pride nor satisfaction dominated, above all I felt gratitude and a great relief. It is of course a privilege to have reached a level where anything but gold is considered a defeat by the commentators, but at the same time it is also a massive burden.

Of course, over the years, you learn to deal with pressure and even if I had dropped out of Are twice, that would have affected my happiness only for a very short time. Nevertheless, you want to deliver, perform and show what you are capable of. Otherwise you would not be a professional athlete. That was completely different back then in Schladming in 2013. My (professional skiing) world would have collapsed in a blink, if I hadn’t delivered in the second run on the last day. But things have changed now.

I am particularly pleased to share this success with two of my teammates. I’ve said it many times: Michi and Marco are amazing skiers, and I didn’t have to convince anyone today. They struck at the right moment! Marco made three medals at this World Cup and Michi two, for which I have expressed my utmost respect. Overall, the ÖSV guys hit the jackpot and got seven medals plus one more from the girls in the team competition. What can I say – not bad at all!

But after the race is yet again before the race – and this week is going to be a tough one! I still haven’t fully recovered but sit here at home, ready to pack my bag again. Early in the morning we are going to fly to Stockholm for the city event to collect important points for the slalom and overall World Cup. As mentioned before, this is not one of my favourite events – but I will try – despite my height 😉 – and deliver a good performance. Fingers crossed I’m going to be fit and healthy again.

We’ll fly straight back after the race tomorrow because on Wednesday I already fly out to Bansko in Bulgaria. There I’ll start in the combination, the super-G and on Sunday in the GS. After that, there is finally time for regeneration and recovery. As in previous years, I will definitely skip Kvitfjell.

Right, keep calm, hang in there for another week, get well again and collect as many points as possible.

See you in Stockholm,

Your Marcel