Huge surprise

Exclusive blog sees Austrian get back to winning ways sooner than expected.

Hi Friends,

What else can I say? Taking first place in the Beaver Creek giant slalom came as a huge surprise to the whole team.

It was totally unexpected that I’d be able to go out there in my first race, despite the lack of training with the new material, and get first place.

It had been a strange training week in Colorado. At first I was two seconds behind all of my team colleagues.

In the middle of the week I was only one second behind and then, suddenly two days before the race, I was only five tenths of a second behind and then I was on top.

The pressing question was would I be able to leverage my good progress in training into the race and I was pleasantly surprised with the answer on Sunday.

The first run, however, took some effort, since a race is still something completely different than training. The second run always feels to me a little bit easier – mentally as well as physically.

My body and mind adapted to the race track in the first run. After passing the first few gates I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this is really going down well!’

By the time I got to the finish line I felt like my intuition proved to be right once again – that I’m still a race horse.

To be honest, it wasn’t our goal to win. We just wanted to narrow the the distance between us and the top athletes.

The fact that we won first place is amazing and the whole team is still buzzing from that victory – because the whole team has invested so much time and effort and truly accomplished something awesome.

We are still aware, however, that Beaver Creek is just a moment in time and there’s no reason to get cocky.

Thanks to the training we did together with the Swiss athletes and Hernik Kristoffersen we received a lot of good feedback in Colorado and were able to draw some conclusions that will help us in the upcoming weeks.

It also helps having Manuel Feller and my other great team colleague as my sparring partners, guys who want to be faster than me in every training session!

The most exciting issue, with regards to Val d’Isere, is how we will make up for lost training time due to the sudden cancellation of our flight on Sunday because, right now we are still in Colorado sitting on the couch!

A little bit of rest and relaxation two days before the race in France will simply not happen.

Should we happen to find our way back home, we will train one day slalom and another day giant slalom before the journey to Val d’Isere. We’ll see each other again on Saturday and Sundays as always at the race!

Until then,

Yours, truly


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