After racing in Finland, the Austrian skier debriefs his first competition post-injury.

Hi guys,

My training on snow went so well last Monday that we decided to enter the race in Levi, Finland, the following Friday – three months after I broke my ankle. We wanted to see if it would hold up under race conditions, if it could take the test. And it was the right choice!

The first run was one for the books – just fantastic! I started dreaming of a similar second run. That’s why the failure in the second run was almost as great as the performance in the first 😉

I was sending it during the second run, though. Full commitment, full throttle. The ankle held up well under pressure. But that run showed us there is still a ton of work to do. My ankle’s recovery will determine how quick I progress over the coming weeks. Of course, my foot hurt, but at the end of the day, this test under race conditions was a great success. The lesson from this: train as much as your foot can handle to catch up with the competition.

It’s easy to see what made the top position unreachable. I’ve missed skiing days (I can count the days I skied before Levi on one hand), I was playing it too safe in crucial parts of the slope. I missed my goal, but I felt comfortable, which is a good sign considering my broken ankle. We’re going to take the lessons from Levi with us in the upcoming trainings and races. The first and most important lesson: skiing under racing condition still works 😉 and my foot holds up well when racing. Last but not least: snow training, snow training and more snow training is what is really needed now.

All in all, it’s great to be back and to experience the racing atmosphere. It seems unbelievable, but I haven’t miss one World Cup race! That’s great and makes me look forward to the coming weeks. The thought of the Giant Slalom course in Beaver Creek is sobering though. I don’t have a single Giant Slalom training day under my belt. It’s exciting – let’s see how I can recover from my training deficit in the time left in order to be able to compete with the world’s finest athletes in December.

I’m hungry and really keen to get back to my great skiing shape, the shape I was in for the last couple of years. That’s my objective. The good news is, I got off to a good start in Levi. We will have to make compromises, which is never a good think in a high-performance sport, but we don’t have many options…

The bottom line is this: It will be an exciting season, if not the most exciting season of my career.

I’m excited! Whatever will be will shall be.



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