Close win

Exclusive blog sees Austrian explain latest win & share season’s greetings.

Hi Guys,


First place in the Slalom at Madonna di Campiglio despite a mistake in the second run. An unbelievable result! I led the first run and started the second well when I landed on my butt and almost got myself disqualified. I’d love to tell you what went through my head at that point – but that would mean using a pretty inappropriate language on this blog.


After this painful fraction of second, I realised I didn’t have anything to lose – so just race down! And that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t realise then that all I needed was four hundreds of a second… When I turned, I seriously thought: this cannot be happening! When I reached the finish area, I thought: That’s impossible! This has to be a mistake! I’ve never had such a close, unexpected win.


The night slalom in Madonna was once again the highlight of the evening. It was an extremely arrhythmical run with strong and fluid turns. For the competitors, this means you not only have to be very flexible with your skiing style, but with your temperament and your choice of lines. You have to choose wisely, or you’re out.


After an unbelievable win, the living legend Alberto “la Bomba” Tomba congratulated me on my 49th world cup victory. An incredible moment. Alberto makes a strong impression on me every time when I see him. He is not just a sport icon. He is my personal idol because only the greatest athletes are able to pay tribute to the accomplishments of other athletes. Grande Alberto!


So, with all these emotions in mind, I’m starting my Christmas holidays. A good time to sit down, take a deep breath and reflect. Considering my broken ankle and the training deficits that came from it, the start of the season has got off far better than I could ever have imagined. Before Levi, nobody in the team would have dared to dream about it. Now it’s reality!


We need to take this with us into the next year. Many journalists have asked me about the lead in the overall championship. Nice to have it, but let’s be honest: When spring comes and all the points are added up – there is only one winner. Nobody cares who had the lead at Christmas time. So I’m sticking to my strategy and focusing on the next race to ski as well as possible.


But for now, it’s Christmas time, a couple of days of peace, rest and relaxation with family and friends. Training will resume on December 27. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see and hear from each other again in 2018.


Till then,


Yours, truly




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