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Published : 05.12.2017

Huge surprise

Exclusive blog sees Austrian get back to winning ways sooner than expected.

Hi Friends,

What else can I say? Taking first place in the Beaver Creek giant slalom came as a huge surprise to the whole team.

It was totally unexpected that I’d be able to go out there in my first race, despite the lack of training with the new material, and get first place.

It had been a strange training week in Colorado. At first I was two seconds behind all of my team colleagues.

In the middle of the week I was only one second behind and then, suddenly two days before the race, I was only five tenths of a second behind and then I was on top.

The pressing question was would I be able to leverage my good progress in training into the race and I was pleasantly surprised with the answer on Sunday.

The first run, however, took some effort, since a race is still something completely different than training. The second run always feels to me a little bit easier – mentally as well as physically.

My body and mind adapted to the race track in the first run. After passing the first few gates I was thinking to myself, ‘Wow, this is really going down well!’

By the time I got to the finish line I felt like my intuition proved to be right once again – that I’m still a race horse.

To be honest, it wasn’t our goal to win. We just wanted to narrow the the distance between us and the top athletes.

The fact that we won first place is amazing and the whole team is still buzzing from that victory – because the whole team has invested so much time and effort and truly accomplished something awesome.

We are still aware, however, that Beaver Creek is just a moment in time and there’s no reason to get cocky.

Thanks to the training we did together with the Swiss athletes and Hernik Kristoffersen we received a lot of good feedback in Colorado and were able to draw some conclusions that will help us in the upcoming weeks.

It also helps having Manuel Feller and my other great team colleague as my sparring partners, guys who want to be faster than me in every training session!

The most exciting issue, with regards to Val d’Isere, is how we will make up for lost training time due to the sudden cancellation of our flight on Sunday because, right now we are still in Colorado sitting on the couch!

A little bit of rest and relaxation two days before the race in France will simply not happen.

Should we happen to find our way back home, we will train one day slalom and another day giant slalom before the journey to Val d’Isere. We’ll see each other again on Saturday and Sundays as always at the race!

Until then,

Yours, truly


Read the original blog in German HERE.

Published : 05.12.2017


Exclusive blog sees Austrian continue to try and find his feet on new equipment.

Hi Friends,

First of all, I want to wish my friend Felix Neureuther a speedy recovery. After his furious debut in Levi, he had to forfeit the season with a cruciate ligament rupture before even entering the second race, which is bitter and a shame. It is extremely sad for him, the sport and for me. I hope that he will recover quickly from this setback. He will be missed by all of us, especially by me this season.

Since my injury I have also had to deal with some issues and I still have major questions to answer a week before the first giant slalom race (in Beaver Creek). The questions are not because of my ankle, which has been doing fine all things considered after the test at the slalom in Levi, but from giant slalom tests. The training deficit of three months is hurting me.

Since the first slap in the face on the Reiteralm twelve days ago, I have learned that skiing on the new giant slalom material is something completely new. I have to get used to the arc momentum of the giant slalom, which is close to what it was five years ago after the last material change. In order to get the perfect feeling for the track – it will take more practice and time on the slope, which I simply don‘t have.

Thanks to the good training during the last couple of weeks with the Austrian as well as the Swiss Team, I managed to receive good feedback and at least make up a little bit for lost training time. It is clear, however, that it will take a while before we can reach our goals in the giant slalom in terms of set-up, ride feeling and momentum. The six ski days I had to gain experience on the new material are not enough.

Currently, the giant slalom training for me is a wild rollercoaster ride. At one moment I‘m thinking while skiing: “Wow, this was great!” Then I see how my colleagues race down the slope and I‘m thinking: “Ok, that looks quite different.” I need to reevaluate and improve my awareness on the new skis in order to find that ominous second, which I‘m currently simply missing.

My previous experience and my team give me hope. Both have shown me that if you work meticulously and with the necessary devotion under new set-up circumstances, one will sooner or later make that jump. When and if it will be possible in this season remains to be seen. All we can do now, is do our best and leave no stone unturned. That‘s exactly my team is doing right now, where they can finally receive feedback to the new material.

All in all, our trip to the USA, which starts on Monday, will be one of many necessary experiments in order to gain a foothold in this season. We pray for good on-site conditions this coming Sunday, so we can absolve possibly three training rounds and a couple of material tests. Until the we hope we can find something, which will allow us to fight on a top level already in the first giant slalom race.

Until next time in Beaver Creek!

Yours truly,


Read the original blog in German HERE.

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